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Mothers, highest institutes and schools become giving an addiction of sorts— abetting an epidemic of perfectionism and hope while encouraging a ‘high’ of position and stature. After two decades of working with young people in college entry, it’s more and more evident that pushed by concern and anxiety, we’re ‘overprescribing’ accomplishment and ambition while jeopardizing the health and fitness of one’s young children. The parallels between selective college entry and the drug crisis include distressing and though not as severe or immediate, the effect of resume building—doing more and being more—is serious all the same. As teachers and mothers, we reveal issue over success pressure and overscheduling, but argumentative essay examples grade 8 when we keep recommending it, the misuse will persist.

Medication Crisis
Medication opioids provide a vital purpose whenever was able properly. Appropriately, medical doctors don’t want their argumentative essay topics with examples people to feel soreness, but abuse that is unchecked lead to long-term effects. One requirement glance that is only the news headlines to know the calamity of opioid addiction devastating all of our nation. With overdose deaths skyrocketing, it is obvious that this poison hits everywhere, knowing no restrictions. Heroin, fentanyl and their fatal kin never discriminate, affecting all ages—an equivalent possibility killer among every financial, social, academic and background that is cultural. These drugs pose to adolescents, whose brains are yet to fully develop and have an increased propensity towards risk and poor decision making as an educator, I am expressly concerned with the threat. Read More